10 Tips for Mechanical Watches Use and Maintenance

10 Tips for Mechanical Watches Use and Maintenance

With the general improvement in the income level and life quality of Chinese people. Watches, especially high-end mechanical watches, have gradually transformed from niche luxuries to mass consumer goods. Still, the precision and delicate characteristics of watches have not changed. To make your watch worth your money. It is necessary to carefully understand the following basic common sense about the use and maintenance of watches.

How Often Does A Watch Need Maintenance?

Like other precision instruments, Watches require regular maintenance to ensure perfect operation. The maintenance cycle of a watch generally depends on its natural wear rate. Another important factor depends on the daily use of the watch. And the environment in which it is worn. It is recommended to check the waterproof performance of the watch regularly. (About 1 year) and perform maintenance every 4-5 years.

How can I Ensure my Watch Maintains its Excellent Quality for Many Years?

  • Do not use the watch (including waterproof watches) in hot water baths, saunas, or environments with large temperature changes.
  • Do not operate the watch’s buttons and crown in water.
  • Please clean the strap/bracelet and watch case regularly. If it is a leather strap, please avoid contact with water/moisture/cosmetics, etc., and avoid exposure to the sun.
  • Please note that the watch is anti-magnetic and avoids being close to electrical appliances, mobile phones, and magnets for a long time.
  • Please do not disassemble your watch at will, including disassembling any part of the watch or unscrewing the screws.
  • Please protect your watch from impacts or falls.
  • Please do not adjust the watch date between 8 pm and 4 am the next morning (except for special watches) to avoid damage and incorrect calendar jumps.
  • If you need to adjust the time of the watch, please turn the hands clockwise, do not turn counterclockwise (except for quartz two-hand watches).

How Long can my Watch run When Fully Wound?

Mechanical Watches Special Model: it can run for 3-4 days after being fully wound. Theoretically, the travel time length of different watches in the fully wound state varies depending on the watch’s movement. But under normal circumstances, the power of daily wear cannot guarantee that the watch is in the fully wound state.

The Reasons Why Watches Become Magnetized?

What Should You Pay Attention to When Wearing Them to Avoid Becoming Magnetized?

The main reason why a watch becomes magnetized is that the most important internal component in a mechanical watch that affects the time is the balance spring. The hairspring is a very thin spring. If it is magnetized, the time of the watch will be inaccurate.

Watches should avoid being close to magnetic fields, such as placing them next to electrical appliances that generate magnetic fields (such as speakers, refrigerators, computers, etc.) or magnetic objects (such as magnets, mobile phones); in addition, women use handbags to open and close the magnetic clasp, and men use mobile phone cases with magnetic clasps. It may cause the watch to be magnetized, causing the watch to be inaccurate or temporarily stopped.

Is it Easy for A Magnetized Watch to Become Magnetized Again After Demagnetization?

Magnetized watches can be used normally after being demagnetized. Some friends’ watches are repeatedly magnetized because they often go in and out of environments with magnetic fields.

How to Determine Whether My Watch is Magnetized?

A simple way to test whether your watch is magnetized: You can use a simple compass to test. Place the compass flat on the table. After the pointer is stable, slowly bring the watch closer to the compass. If the pointer shakes, it means the watch has been magnetized. Of course, the most accurate test is to send it to a professional maintenance point for inspection using specialized instruments. At the same time, degaussing can also be performed at the professional maintenance point.

How Long is the Battery Life of A Quartz Watch?

Depending on the watch model, the battery life ranges from 12 to 42 months. If the quartz watch has other functions, it will consume additional power and the corresponding battery life will be shortened. Save with Military Discount

If the Quartz Watch is not Worn for A Long Time Should the Battery be Removed?

If the watch has collectible value. It is recommended to take the watch to a professional repair center. To remove the battery and test the waterproof sealing performance of the watch.

Can the Travel Time of the Watch be Adjusted so That There is no Error?

The accuracy of mechanical watches is mainly determined by the stability of the vibration frequency of the balance spring. Since the watch will be affected by many internal and external factors during use. Such as environment, temperature, and wearer’s usage habits. Watch placement position, etc, the watchmaker can reduce the error range as much as possible according to the condition of your watch. But it cannot be adjusted so that there is no error.

What Should You Pay Attention to When Wearing A Waterproof Watch?

For the waterproof Mechanical Watches standard please refer to the waterproof grade and corresponding usage range. Do not use the watch (including waterproof watches) in hot baths, saunas, or environments with large temperature changes. Do not operate the watch’s buttons and crown in water.

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