AI Music Magic

AI Music Magic: How to Make A Song With AI on CapCut?

How to Make A Song With AI Music Magic?

In the ever-evolving landscape of content creation, the marriage of artificial intelligence and video production has birthed a revolution. Among the pioneers of this digital renaissance stands CapCut, a beacon for creators seeking the perfect blend of simplicity and sophistication. Enter the realm of AI music magic, where CapCut’s video maker transforms the mundane into a symphony of sight and sound. Further, dive into the future of content creation as CapCut’s revolutionary text-to-speech technology transforms your ideas into captivating audiovisual experiences.

The Rise of CapCut’s AI Video Generator

CapCut’s AI video generator is a free sidekick for creative minds, offering a seamless blend of innovation and user-friendliness. At its core lies the ability to generate stunning videos in seconds, translating your ideas into visual masterpieces. Whether you type in your video concept or provide an image prompt, CapCut’s AI wizard transforms your vision into reality.

Key Features Unveiled

  • Instant Video Generation from Text or Image

CapCut’s AI video maker transcends conventional boundaries, empowering creators to effortlessly bring their concepts to life. By typing your ideas into the text box or using images as prompts, you unlock the gateway to instant video generation. The AI wizard interprets your input, crafting visually captivating videos, ads, and more.

  • Harmonious Background Music with AI

CapCut doesn’t stop at visuals; it extends its prowess to the auditory realm. The AI video generator seamlessly integrates beautiful background music, enhancing your videos and engaging your audience on a deeper level. The result is a holistic audio-visual experience that rivals the work of seasoned professionals.

  • Full Creative Freedom in Editing

CapCut understands that true creativity thrives when there are no limitations. With AI-generated videos at your disposal, you retain full creative control. CapCut is not just an AI video generator; it’s a comprehensive video editing tool. Explore unlimited media assets, filters, and even an auto-caption generator, empowering you to tailor your content to perfection.

The Symphony of Benefits

  • User-Friendly Interface

CapCut’s allure lies not just in its technical prowess but in its commitment to user-friendliness. Navigating the AI-generated video creation and editing processes is a breeze, thanks to an intuitive tool that sparks creativity. The interface is designed to inspire, providing a seamless journey from idea inception to content completion.

  • Abundance of Media Assets

Creativity thrives on diversity, and CapCut delivers by offering a treasure trove of unlimited media assets. From social media story templates to AI-powered video scripts and anime video generators, CapCut ensures that your imagination faces no constraints. It’s a playground for creators, where every tool is a brush, and every video a canvas.

  • Free & Online Accessibility

What if the perfect free AI video maker were not only powerful but also accessible to all? CapCut breaks down barriers by offering its video generator completely free and online. There are no subscription fees or hidden costs – just a virtual space where creativity and innovation flourish. Accessible through any web browser, CapCut’s website becomes your portal to the world of AI-generated music videos.

Elevating Video Content With Text-to-Speech Technology

In the ever-evolving landscape of content creation, AI video makers have emerged as powerful tools for generating engaging videos. One of the key features contributing to the enhancement of these videos is the integration of Text-to-Speech (TTS) technology. This transformative capability allows creators to seamlessly convert written text into expressive and dynamic audio, revolutionizing how audiences consume and connect with video content.

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  • The Power of CapCut’s Text-to-Speech Generator

CapCut’s Text-to-Speech generator stands out as an invaluable resource for content creators seeking to amplify the impact of their AI-generated videos. Let’s explore the key features that make this tool an indispensable asset in the world of video production.

  • Multilingual Capabilities

CapCut’s TTS generator supports an extensive range of languages, providing creators with the flexibility to cater to diverse global audiences. Whether it’s English, Korean, Portuguese, Turkish, Spanish, Indonesian, Russian, German, Arabic, French, or more, the tool ensures that your message is conveyed effectively in the language of your choice.

Diverse Voice Selection

A compelling video narrative requires the perfect voice to bring it to life. CapCut’s library offers an array of both male and female voices, allowing creators to choose voices that resonate with their audience or align with their brand identity. This diversity in voice selection contributes to creating a more engaging and relatable viewing experience.

  • Customizable Audio Parameters

Tailoring the audio experience to fit the unique needs of each video is made easy with CapCut’s customization options. Creators can adjust speech rate, volume, pitch, and other parameters using intuitive sliders. This level of control empowers creators to create videos with audio that perfectly complements the tone and pace of their visual content.

  • Voice Effects for Added Impact

To further elevate the audio experience, CapCut allows users to apply voice effects. These effects add a layer of creativity and uniqueness to the voiceovers, making the videos more captivating and memorable.

  • Effortless Noise Reduction

Background noise can detract from the overall quality of a video. CapCut’s TTS generator simplifies the process of removing background noise with a single click, ensuring that the audio remains crisp and clear.


In conclusion, embrace the AI music magic offered by CapCut’s video maker, and let your videos resonate with the perfect soundtrack. Whether you’re a seasoned creator or just starting your journey, CapCut opens the door to a world where every idea can be transformed into a visual and auditory masterpiece. Let the symphony begin.

The integration of CapCut’s Text-to-Speech technology with AI video makers marks a significant leap forward in the realm of content creation.  As the demand for high-quality, diverse, and accessible video content continues to rise, CapCut’s TTS generator proves to be an essential asset for content creators striving to stay ahead in the dynamic world of digital media.