Condo Renovation Cost

Condo Renovation Cost: How to Renovate in Budget

Renovating a condominium and a stand-alone home may produce the same results but the processes are entirely different. The reason is that each space of a condominium you trans form will have its limitations. So, you need to be aware of the rules before proceeding with the transformation to save yourself from surprises.

If you want to make your condominium within a budget, there are plenty of ways to go with a range of options. Surely, it feels good to live in a well-curated house but sticking to a budget can be tough. Whether you are planning to rev up the kitchen or bathroom or the entire space, you need to make the choices carefully. Discuss your plans with condo renovation contractors in Vancouver to ensure that you are well within the budget recommendations.

Things That Make Condo Renovation Look Expensive

When it comes to making the home look expensive, it comes down to the materials you choose. The first step should be de-cluttering the house. Once you are finished with the removal of clutter, you can move ahead with the following steps to make your house look expensive within a budget:

  • Plan Strategically

You are all set to begin renovating the space but not quite sure how and where to begin. Remember that the makeover of your condo space is a crucial decision. That is why you need to follow strategic planning to ensure that everything is in place. The planning should be thought of in a manner to leverage the most important elements in the house.

Add Character to Your Furniture

Gone are those days when furniture marked the greatness of interior design. Today, it is all about adding character to the furniture. So, if you already have a few pieces of antique wooden furniture, you can create an excellent mix with a few more contemporary pieces and change the living space. That way you will also make your house look truly unique. But when mixing the furniture items, you need to stick to only one material to add more character to the design or make it unique. The only variation you can add is the color.

  • Add Life to the Walls

What’s condo renovation in Vancouver without adding a fresh coat of paint to the walls? But what colors should you choose for the walls? While dwindling between several options, you need to check if the walls of your apartment get adequate light. Apply calm and neutral shades on the walls if you are trying to add serenity to the ambiance. Pick from various pastel shades that create a soothing look and feel. With dimmer shades on the wall, you can have bright décor objects on the wall for a perfect look.

Displaying Special Items in the Open

Ever wondered if there are special items in the house that you want to display? Don’t make your condominium fall prey to the design rules. Instead, you need to decorate the house with items that are meaningful and make you happy. Here is what you need to do:

  • Hang your favorite piece of abstract art that has long been under the covers. All you will need to install are a few nails.
  • Stack up your favorite books on a small shelf or better turn one of the pillar columns for storing those books vertically without wasting an inch of space.
  • If there is an antique chest that has been anxiously waiting under the covers, bring it out in the open. It might remind you of old times and fond memories with your grandparents.

Isn’t it what you call an affordable condo renovation cost in Vancouver? You will not only save money in the process but manage to add a whiff of luxury to your condominium.

Change the Light Fixtures

There is no denying the light fixtures add a statement to your home. But when buying lights for your condominium, be careful about the choice you make. Having too many lights in a small space may not create the desired impact. Just explore the mood of the space and use new lighting fixtures wherever needed in the house.

  • Change the Flooring

Switching to wooden flooring is one of the significant aspects of custom home renovation in Vancouver. Not only is it one of the most loved features of your house but the soft feeling you experience under the feet. No matter where you install wooden flooring, your home is sure to exude a luxurious feel.

A home’s design needs to be cohesive. From colors, textures, and ambiance, you just have to make it look functionally aesthetic. You can go miles with your décor options and make your house visually interesting. You can add touches of luxury to your condominium in Vancouver with Roadhouse Homes, one of the leading renovation experts to have transformed several homes, both old and new.

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