EICR Certificates for Commercial Property you Cannot Miss out

EICR Certificates for Commercial Property you Cannot Miss out

EICR or Electrical Installation Condition Report

Both landlords and business owners have concerns over the safety of EICR Commercial Property. One crucial aspect of safety for the category of premises includes electrical safety. This is the baseline of an EICR or Electrical Installation. Condition Report is all about where the UK is concerned. In the following sections of this post let us explore some of the crucial aspects involved in commercial EICRs. We will also cover the legal perspective of EICR for commercial buildings and properties.

EICR for Commercial Properties – Understanding the Legal Perspective

There is no particular law in the UK that mandates an EICR for commercial properties but under the Electricity at Work regulations of 1989 the Health and Safety at Work Act of 1974 place legal obligations on both landlords and business owners to ensure electrical safety in commercial properties. In easier words when you interpret these obligations then that boils down to necessitating an Electrical Installation Condition Report or EICR

Several insurance providers need a current EICR as their prerequisite. Thus an EICR is more than a practical necessity for landlords of EICR Commercial Property although in the strictest sense, it is not exactly a legal requirement, to say the least.

Commercial Properties and EICR Regulations

As far as an EICR for commercial properties is concerned in the UK several regulations indirectly necessitate it although there is no particular law that mandates it. Some of the key regulations and standards that necessitate an EICR for commercial properties include the following –

  • The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 – This regulation places a duty of care on both employers and self-employed by which they have to ensure the safety of every person who is using the work premises. In other words, this covers the safety of electrical installations within a commercial premise.
  • The Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 – By this particular regulation all electrical equipment in a commercial property has to be maintained safely. In simpler words, this particular regulation necessitates a commercial EICR.
  • The British Standard BS 7671 (IET Wiring Regulations) – The requirements for electrical installations are outlined in this particular standard. This regulation also mandates the necessity of periodical inspection and testing of electrical installations and this paves the way for an EICR.
  • Housing and Planning Act 2016 – By this act, privately rented properties are obliged to have EICRs done.
  • Existing regulations that are specific to industries Certain industrial or business sectors may have additional regulations to comply with. This is particularly true for care homes and the hospitality industry. These regulations may require more specific as well as more frequent types of electrical installations.

EICR Certificates for Commercial Properties in London

There may not be an explicit requirement of an EICR included in these regulations. However, the regulations mandate ensuring the electrical installations are safe to work with. An EICR is one of the most reliable ways to demonstrate that electrical installations. A specific commercial building is in a safe-to-use condition. Pointing out experts who deal with EICR certificates for commercial properties in London.

It becomes easier for both commercial landlords and business owners. To maintain electrical safety in their commercial properties. And premises and avoid any chance of legal or financial action. Against them by understanding these regulations clearly along complying with them.

Commercial EICR – What is it?

A commercial EICR is an EICR carried out on a commercial property. And involves a thorough inspection of the electrical installations on the property. This test or inspection is carried out by a skilled and qualified electrician and the professional. Performs an in-depth assessment of the electrical systems installed on the property.  The in-depth assessment covers each of the following –

  • Circuits
  • Outlets
  • Main panel circuits and
  • Other electrical components

The report covers information about any potential damage or defect as well as any deviation from the safety standards related to the current. In addition to that the reports also carry suggested recommendations on remedial aspects, provided the recommendations are necessary.

EICR for Commercial Properties and its Importance

An EICR for a commercial property is important beyond legal compliance. It is a vital tool to manage commercial property from several different aspects.

Safety concern – The primary objective of an EICR. It is to make sure a property is electrically safe for everyone who uses it. Trained and qualified electricians in London who quote reasonable costs for EICR certificates for commercial property. Explain faulty electrical installations are prone to lead to fires. Extending to severe injuries and even fatalities on one hand while on the other to damage to equipment. An EICR inspection helps identify a potential issue before it can snowball into something serious.

Preventive maintenance – An EICR is instrumental in identifying potential electrical faults before it is too late and the faults escalate into anything serious. In those circumstances, remedial actions must be taken promptly without any delay. When prompt remedial action is taken it is possible to avoid costly repairs and replacements down the timeline. EICR inspections carried out at regular and routine intervals are more of an investment toward the long-term maintenance of a property.

EICRs for commercial properties are neither just a legal necessity nor an exercise to tick out the boxes. Apart from the aspects discussed above it is also related to legal compliance, insurance prerequisites, and reputation management of a business.   

Conducting and EICR – the Process of Inspection

Also, Commercial Electrician London is one of the best options in and around London to get a commercial EICR done. The process of inspection starts with a visual examination of the electrical installations. Moreover, within a premise and then it is followed by a series of tests which are carried out on the installations.