Make Your Quinceanera Party Perfect by Avoiding These Common Pitfalls

Make Your Quinceanera Party Perfect by Avoiding These Common Pitfalls

A Quinceanera party is a significant milestone in your daughter’s life and it must be special. However, most parents who haven’t thrown a party for their little one tend to underestimate the grandeur and complexity of a quince. It’s easy to make big mistakes if you aren’t careful enough.

While a few mistakes are normal, you don’t want to make too many at the Quinceanera reception hall in Houston, TX. There’s a lot to plan after you set the date and choose the venue. You need to go ‘that’ extra mile to make the party as unforgettable as possible.

Here are the Top Mistakes That Must be Avoided for the Perfect Quinceanera Celebration

  • No Budget:

Budget is the first and most important thing that you should decide on before planning the Quinceanera party. Even if you have a cushy job or a very successful business and don’t need to worry about a cash crunch, setting a budget helps you decide on several things including the reception hall in Houston, TX, the food, the decor, the theme, and more. Think of the budget as a guideline. Without it, you’re more likely to overspend or make last-minute adjustments.

  • No Gown Before Deciding on A Theme

It’s your daughter’s Quinceanera and she can wear any pretty gown that she likes. However, gowns are expensive. If you get a gown that doesn’t fit the theme, your princess will feel out of place on her birthday.

Check out Quinceanera venues near me and try to envision a theme that would suit the space. Once you choose a theme, you can select the dress accordingly. For instance, if it’s a Halloween-themed quince, a fairytale-inspired gown wouldn’t go with the vibe.

  • Not Discouraging Your Daughter From Crash Dieting

Your teenage daughter looks perfectly fine and pretty to you. However, when she is preparing for a major event where she needs to dress up and show up in front of so many guests, she would want to look her best.

If you start planning the party weeks, she will go on a crash diet to fit into the best gown. It’s best to discourage such behavior or simply plan the party months. That allows your princess abundant time to follow a sustainable diet and supplement it with a workout routine.

Not Being Transparent About the Attire of Court of Honor

The court of honor constitutes chambelanes (a group of young men close to your daughter) and damas(a group of young women close to your daughter) who participate in different quince events. Usually, you’re supposed to pay for their tuxedos and dresses. If that’s not the case, make sure that the chamberlains and dramas are aware of their financial responsibility. You can stretch your Quince budget for those attires when you choose an affordable banquet hall in Houston, TX.

No RSVP Requests:

When you send an invite to your guests, make sure you ask them about all the necessary information that would help you plan the party. For instance, ask them about their plus ones, dietary restrictions, allergies, meal selection, and more such information. This information provides you with crucial details for creating custom meals for your guests.

It also allows you to prepare more than sufficient quantities of food and drinks for all your guests. Catering becomes easier when it comes as a package with the venue. Look for reception halls near me that offer catering along with venue and decor in their custom packages.

Not Giving the DJ a Do-Not-Play Playlist

Your DJ would discuss the songs that are going to be played during the event. However, if the DJ takes requests from the guests or the court of honor, he or she must know what shouldn’t be played. It’s best to do this ahead of time since no artist would want to be interrupted in the middle of their craft.

Make sure to involve the most important person at the party – your daughter, during the planning phase. It’s her BIG day after all, which is why she should have a say in her event and she must enjoy the process as well. Meanwhile, you have this cheat sheet to eliminate the major mishaps. Good Luck!

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