Position Your Business Ahead Of The Curve for 2024

Position Your Business Ahead Of The Curve for 2024

As we move into a new year, now is the time to evaluate your business’ performance in 2023. As we move into 2024, it is time to think about how you can Position Your Business to get ahead of your competition and stay ahead of the curve. One of the best ways to do this is to invest in experience. For example, would you say your business used digital marketing enough in 2023?

If not, it might be time to consider ways to reposition your position ahead of the competition. Digital marketing services are worth investing in to help your business stay ahead of the curve. Whether it is working with digital marketing specialists to revamp your website, marketing methods, and social media presence, or you intend to utilize new digital features such as artificial intelligence (AI), there are many ways you can progress in 2024. 

2024 looks to be another year of immense upheaval in almost every aspect of life. Technology is the same, so how can you work to position your business ahead of the curve in 2024? 

Invest In New Opportunities 

Position Your Business is one of the first to implement a new strategy or technology gives you a head start regarding experience. Take AI as an example. With the recent rise of prompt engineers and AI experts, all companies and professionals that have jumped into AI now will have ample time to experiment with the tech, make mistakes, and find the best ways to leverage it.

Of course, this should be done not simply for the sake of it but with an eye on what you can improve. Look at the common complaints you might receive from your clientele and the positive responses. 

How can new tech, like AI, improve customer communication and support? How can you augment what you already do well with new opportunities through AI, machine learning, and more?

At the same time, you might want to look at using new opportunities like ‘advertorials’ – a new but exciting part of the digital marketing sphere. In the past, this was only used for cutting-edge companies, but 2024 looks to be the year that advertorials ‘break out’ in the mainstream.

Discussing your products/services in a magazine or newspaper could be a great way to help bring a new audience to your business. 

Modernize Your Marketing 

Of course, not every investment in your business will be based on new technology. Sometimes, improving and modernizing what you already have in place can be enough. You can learn a lot, too, by looking at how digital marketing agencies are changing their approach. 

Word Stream is an example of a Google Ads agency that stays ahead of the curve, implementing advanced and modern media buying methods. They collaborate with clients such as Alex Fedotoff, Kinobody, and PHC. Also, Word Stream has started an exciting partnership with Carl Weische, increasing revenue by hundreds of thousands per annum just by utilizing modern marketing techniques. As mentioned above, word stream is one of the cutting-edge companies making the most of the rise in popularity of advertorials. 

Also, implementing Video Sales Letter funnels (VSLs) gives them a competitive advantage, enabling them to increase their clients’ revenues.

Staying ahead of the curve often means more profits, especially in marketing and sales. The Word Stram example shows that staying ahead doesn’t always mean handling innovation in-house; it can also mean working with innovative partners who can deliver real results. 

Attract Top Talent

Staying ahead of the curve is a good way to attract highly motivated professionals looking to do the same. And a good way to keep the talent you already have.

Anecdotally, it’s easy to see that talented and motivated people are likelier to leave boring jobs to do something they’re genuinely excited about. And plenty of studies back up that idea.

There are many exciting innovations on the way within the realm of digital marketing. As noted by the Digital Marketing Institute, 2024 looks to be a year where:

  • AI has become a major part of the digital marketing industry; can you bring in a digital marketing specialist with experience in using AI to your benefit?
  • Social media, too, will be impacted by AI and other innovations like Instagram Threads. Can you find talent who has these skills?
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) looks set to change, with a greater focus on content that can be shared, as well as ‘EEAT’ to help provide credibility in your content.
  • Data privacy and sustainability return to the forefront of the discussion. Can you bring in talent who can help to make your business more effective on both fronts? 

Bringing in new talent or hiring companies with the talent to achieve the above will ensure that 2024 is a year where you can get ahead of the competition who do not take these changes seriously. 

Stay Agile

Staying ahead of the curve is not easy. It takes leadership, creativity, innovation, and a willingness to build structures and habits to help you and your team anticipate and stay on top of changes coming down the pipeline. And while doing all that is not easy, it does have a useful side-effect: agility.

The same methods and attitude that will help your business get ahead of the curve can also help your business adapt to changes and new developments. The result is a business and a team that can pivot fast to avoid obstacles and take advantage of new trends. And this type of agility is a game changer when markets and technologies change rapidly. 

Getting Ahead Of The Competition: Do You Have The Staff? 

2024 looks like a year for us to be more adaptive than ever. Competition is increasing, and digital and local marketing foundations seem to be shifting considerably. 

Are you doing enough to beat the competition or just enough to stay visible? If it is the latter, it might be time to hire the assistance you need or bring in staff who can achieve the above in-house. Do not let 2024 pass your business by. It is a year of opportunity for those willing to take positive risks!

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