Ultimate Guide About Bags

Ultimate Guide About Bags: How to Choose A Women’s Bag?

Why is A Woman’s Handbag Important?

Some people say that a bag is a small world for a woman. The bag represents the romance. And tenderness in a woman’s heart and also contains her thoughts, pursuits, and interests. Today, bags are no longer just a place for small items, but more often a symbol of women’s taste and the key to measuring women’s elegance index. In this article, you will get to know how to choose a women’s bag?

How do I Find A Good Bag?

  • Choose the handbag that suits you.
  • Selection of women’s handbag styles.
  • Selection of women’s handbag patterns.
  • Tips for purchasing women’s handbag details.
  • How to identify the material of women’s handbags.
  • How to care for women’s handbags.
  • Women’s handbags Brand 1 Choose a handbag that suits your Height.

If your height is above 165 cm, you should try to choose a handbag with a total length of about 60 cm that can fit a magazine vertically. Also, if your height is below 158 cm, then You should choose a handbag with a total length of about 50 centimeters that can be loaded horizontally into a magazine-sized bag to elongate your body proportions.

Figure: Which Type of Handbag is Best?

1. Tall and thin: You can choose any style of fashionable women’s bag. However, larger handbags and shoulder bags will suit you best. But if you like a small bag, just make sure it fits perfectly around your shoulder.

2. Petite and plump: A petite bag should be the best for you, because a bag that is too big may make you look smaller.

3. Plump women: It is best to choose a more curvy bag because this kind of bag can emphasize your curves. The bag should not be too long, just above the mid-waist. Be sure to avoid using small bags, which will make you look larger. It is recommended that you use medium-sized fashionable women’s bags.

What is an Occasion Bag?

  • Daily handbag: Choose a handbag with a large SIZE as much as possible. Here’s a reminder to my friends: Don’t just grab a handbag and go shopping, the consequences will be disastrous.
  • Handbags for formal occasions: such as cocktail parties and dances. Remember that evening wear and handbags should be matched appropriately. A handbag with high-end workmanship and quality is your wise choice. The materials you can choose include satin, velvet, patent leather, beaded cloth, etc. If you want to make a longer-term investment, you can choose black or some metallic colors.
  • Handbags for informal occasions: If you are a frequent visitor to clubs and PUB, it is more practical to choose a cheap and high-quality handbag. At least you don’t have to worry about losing too much if you lose it. The most basic principle: this kind of handbag should be able to match at least three pieces of clothing. An eye-catching bag made of special material can make your whole body look bright.

Women’s Handbag Styles

bright-colored handbags are the most beautiful, oversized bags are the most convenient, brown and black handbags are the most versatile, dual-purpose bags are the most practical, rivet handbags are the rockiest, cylindrical handbags are the most elegant, chain handbags are the most elegant and luxurious handbags The most valuable investment in bags: 3 women’s handbag pattern selections 1. Flower patterns

Among the many patterns, flowers will become the first choice for spring and summer patterns, symbolizing the strong spring and summer feelings and making women more charming. Flower patterns can be mainly divided into small floral patterns and large flower patterns. Although they are both flower patterns, they express completely different temperaments. Small floral patterns give people a sweetness like the girl next door and are more suitable for kawaii girls. The bright large flower pattern is more suitable for mature, charming, and fashionable women.

Geometric Patterns: How Can I Make My Bag Look Stylish?

Avant-garde geometric patterns have always been the favorite patterns of design masters. Regular or messy geometric patterns often make handbags appear more three-dimensional and dynamic. Such handbags are more suitable for urban avant-garde women. Exaggerated, irregular, and gorgeous Geometric pattern Women’s Bag can be used daily and paired with simple clothing, while regular, dark geometric patterns can also be used in business situations, adding some dynamics and vitality to monotonous professional suits.

Graffiti Patterns:

Various graffiti is increasingly popular among young people. Graffiti is mostly used in the design of canvas bags. Young fashionistas are particularly fond of it. Just look at the hipsters on the streets of Tokyo and Hong Kong and you will know graffiti. How popular they are. The graffiti style is more suitable for young and trendy people. For ladies who are usually more dignified, bags with this pattern should be chosen carefully.

Plaid Pattern:

Plaid patterns Women’s Bag have always been in a classic fashion position. The plaid pattern gives people a calm and dignified feeling, which is more suitable for urban white-collar workers to carry. For a wardrobe that has been dull in autumn and winter, adding a plaid handbag will bring some different vitality in spring and summer.

Materials: Which Material Bag is Best?

Fabric leather is the best. Most bags now use PU leather, which is a layer of PU glued on an already thin layer of genuine leather; the linings are now mostly chemical fiber For canvas, the most important thing is not to be too soft.

Style: General brand bag production companies have specialized design teams, and the styles can always cater to contemporary fashion trends. This is one of the reasons why bags are expensive, while non-brand bag production companies do not have specialized designers. Customers also visit Look Fantastic discount code NHS


For example, is there any excess outside the hemming and extensions, especially on the inside of the bag? Is there any distortion in the sewing of the hand strap? The lining should be close to the fabric, and the internal space should be clear at a glance.


The hardware accessories on a good bag are very bright! If you touch it with your hand, the moisture left on it will slowly disappear and then return to brightness. Other decorations, such as diamond-encrusted knots, are not strong and the color is incorrect.

Weight: How Much Should A Women’s Bag Weigh?

Generally, the hardware of good bags is made of brass or copper, so the weight should be about the same. In general, the leather and hardware of low-end goods are much lighter than genuine or genuine imitation bags. Of course, they are empty bags. Bag feeling.

  • Packaging: 

You only need to look at the dust bag. Generally, the dust bag of a good bag is of good quality. If you are an expert, you can know what the product is by looking at the dust bag before unpacking it.

  • Version: 

For example: arcs, sharp corners, flips, symmetrical parts, three-dimensional parts, darts, etc. In addition, you should also observe the coordination between these parts of the bag and the entire bag. The better the overall feeling, the better the version.

Hand Touch: Ha Bag

that is, touch the leather surface with your hands. If it feels smooth, soft, plump, and elastic, it is genuine leather; while the general artificial synthetic leather surface is astringent, rigid, and has poor softness.

  • At First Glance: 

genuine leather has clearer hair and patterns, yellow cowhide has more symmetrical fine pores, yak skin has thicker and sparse pores, and goatskin has fish-scale pores.

  • Smell: 

All genuine leather has the smell of leather; while artificial leather has a pungent plastic smell.

  • Ignite:

Tear off a little fiber from the back of real leather and artificial leather. After ignition.

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