What Features CapCut Online Editor Brings For Transforming Videos and Photos?

Free CapCut Online Videos and Photos Editor

Adding text to the videos makes them look more meaningful, more searchable, and more valued than other videos on the internet. With CapCut Online Editor latest AI technology, you can now enjoy making instant and perfect transformations to your videos and photos within the shortest possible time. It doesn’t only allow you to transform them here but also allows you to do it for free without paying any cost to the editor. Isn’t it amazing? It is. So, let’s have a deeper look at what astonishing features this incredible online editor brings for transforming videos and photos besides just basic-level editing. 

Transforming and Transcribing Video To Text

Besides just making the simple edits to your videos such as adjusting colors, cropping, resizing, etc, this CapCut Online Editor brings some more advanced functions. For example, it helps you make your videos look more beautiful and highly interactive by adding text or subtitles to the video. To do so, you don’t need to listen to the video audio/speech and write the text manually one by one in your video. Instead, this editor brings the one-click AI-based video-to-text feature that works like magic. It generates the most perfect and professional-looking results within seconds with just one click and surprises you through accurate and precise transcription. 

Transcribe in multiple languages

To surprise you further, it also helps you transcribe your videos into multiple languages. You can either save these results one by one in each language or just save them into your desired language after transcription. There is no cost of transcribing your video through this online editor and hence it has become the most widely used and highly popular tool among users all around the world. 

More Video Editing Tools

Not only this, but it also allows you to edit your videos like a professional by using multiple other AI tools such as stabilizing the shaky videos through video stabilizer. You can also use the background remover or background generator function to set a more beautiful background. Similarly, there are tons of other impressive tools to perfect transformations to videos. 

Features of Transforming Photos Via Online Photo Editor

Not just videos, you will also enjoy using tons of photo editing tools here to transform photos such as using AI image upscaler, background remover, transparent background maker, background generator, and AI-image style transfer. 

Besides, it also offers AI-based color optimization, color correction, low-light photo enhancement, and other issues with the photos’ colors and visuals. Similarly, you can also generate beautiful portraits from your ordinary photos to share them on any social media site or anywhere else. Besides using all the photo editing tools, this online editor also mesmerizes you by offering free cloud storage space online to save and make a backup of your photos. 

How to Use Online Photo Editor By CapCut?

If you are thinking about using the online photo editor by CapCut, follow the steps below to easily and quickly transform your photos through it. 

  • Step 1: Free Sign up 

First, visit and sign up for the CapCut online editor to start transforming your photos on this online photo editor. To sign up, you will click on the “Signup for Free” button on the main CapCut page. Then, submit and verify your information to create your account and log into it. 

  • Step 2: Upload A Photo

Go to home and click on the left-side magic tools. From there, navigate to the online photo editor and click on the upload button. Upload your photo to this editor to transform or choose one from the sample photos. 

  • Step 3: Transform It

Then, first color optimize your photo if its colors are dull, poor, or vague. You can also generate and apply any matching color palettes to it. It also allows you to customize the background of your photo such as editing it, removing it, or generating a new one. Similarly, you can also try a great number of other functions on this online editor to make the most impressive masterpiece. 

  • Step 4: Export It

Before leaving the editor, don’t forget to download and save the photo to your device by clicking on the download button. Then, feel free to share your photo anywhere you want and inspire others through your beautiful and inspiring masterpieces. 


By using the CapCut online photo editor, you can’t only transform your photos and videos but also enjoy several perks with it. For example, it allows you to instantly generate auto captions for your videos or use the AI-based video transcribe function to add more details text to your videos. Here, you can also enjoy making your videos and photos look more interactive and aesthetically beautiful by working on their background, visuals, colors, and graphics through multiple interactive tools for free. 

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