What Should You Pay Attention to When Buying Furniture?

What Should You Pay Attention to When Buying Furniture?

Master These Five Points to Help You Avoid the Pitfalls in Furniture Purchasing

Buying furniture is an essential part of home decoration. A good set of furniture not only has the finishing touch on the overall effect of the decoration but is also closely related to the comfort of our daily home life. Therefore, in the field of decoration, there are soft decorations It is said that furniture determines taste and grade. Save with the NHS Discount Code.

So since furniture is so important, what should we pay attention to when purchasing? Let’s find out together~

1. Furniture style

When buying furniture, it is best to decide based on the decoration style of your home, so that the later furniture can be harmonious with the decoration style of your home.

For example, retro Nanyang style decoration often uses retro-flavored walnut furniture, modern minimalist style decoration can be decorated with velvet color-blocked sofas, and romantic French decoration mostly requires elegant and luxurious furniture decoration.

▲Retro Nanyang style home decoration

▲Modern minimalist style home decoration

But if the matching is improper, for example, if Chinese furniture is placed in a modern-style house, it will look completely inconsistent. Therefore, when choosing furniture, you must first determine the style! Shop now using Black Friday Deals.

2. Size

It is easy to understand that you need to pay attention to the size when buying furniture. After all, no matter how beautiful the furniture is, it is useless if the size is not suitable.

In addition to the size of the furniture, Xiaoqian also reminds everyone to remember to measure the size of entrances, aisles, and doors. This is because some furniture is large and cannot be disassembled. There is indeed no problem when measuring, and there is enough space to place the furniture.

However, during the on-site transportation and installation, it was discovered that the dimensions of the door aisle and other locations were too narrow, and furniture could not be moved in. If you wanted to install it, you could only dismantle the doors and windows.

▲A sofa that can barely fit through the door

▲Furniture that cannot fit into the elevator

3. Furniture Quality

When purchasing furniture, you should certainly pay attention to the price, but you should also pay attention to the quality of the furniture.

You must know that furniture is often used at home for more than ten or twenty years. Some furniture may even move several times with the owner, and its service life may be longer than the life of the house. As items that will be used for a long time and lived with day and night, the quality of furniture must be paid more attention to when purchasing.

So how should we judge the quality of furniture when we purchase furniture? It is mainly based on the following four points:

1. Look at the surface of the furniture

Generally speaking, the quality of furniture has a great relationship with its material and workmanship. There is a big difference in quality between solid wood furniture and panel furniture. When choosing furniture, you can scratch the surface of the furniture to see if there are any scratches. If the scratches are serious, The quality of the furniture is inferior.

2. Look at the edge sealing of the board

For furniture made of boards, the quality of the edge sealing process is very important. Qualified quality edge sealing can effectively prevent the intrusion of water vapor and moisture, avoid plate deformation caused by moisture, and extend the service life of furniture.

Therefore, the edge sealing of the board is very important. Good-quality furniture should have no peeling or peeling problems on the edge sealing.

▲Unqualified edge sealing can cause black edges and gaps.

3. Look at hardware accessories

The hardware accessories of furniture mainly include pull rails, hinges, etc. The quality of these accessories is directly related to the service life of the furniture. Therefore, when choosing furniture, you need to examine the quality of its hardware accessories.

4. Environmental performance

The environmental protection of furniture materials is the key point when purchasing, especially for families with elderly and children. For such families, it is generally recommended to use solid wood furniture. If you choose artificial board furniture, it is recommended to use boards. Choose one whose formaldehyde emission reaches E0 or ENF standards.

In addition, when buying furniture, if you smell a pungent odor coming from the surface of the furniture, it is not recommended to buy it. Such furniture may contain harmful substances that exceed standards.

5. After-sales service

When purchasing furniture, be sure to keep the instruction manual and after-sales maintenance card of the furniture. Good after-sales service is also a very good reference for choosing a furniture brand.

Home Renovation

The above five points are the things to pay attention to when purchasing furniture. I hope it can help you who are planning or currently renovating. Finally, I wish everyone a smooth renovation and the furniture they buy is beautiful and practical!

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