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We’re excited about your interest in sharing your valuable insights and expertise on our platform. We aim to foster a dynamic community of writers, each contributing their unique perspectives to our diverse array of topics. If you have a passion for Tech, business, health, travel, fashion, crypto, digital marketing, home improvement, or blogging, Write for us, we welcome you to join our expanding team of contributors!

However, before clicking the “Submit” button, kindly take a moment to review our submission guidelines. Without adherence to these guidelines, we might be unable to review or publish your content.

Write Something That Hasn’t Been Written Before

The WeeklyMonster caters to a sophisticated audience, ranging from data scientists and developers to driverless vehicle engineers.

To secure a spot on the homepage at WeeklyMonster, you’ll need to explore your hot topic from the most innovative and cutting-edge perspective available.

  • Topics

Contributions should be focused on topics within the realms of Technology, Business, Health, Lifestyle, Home, and software development. Moreover, the content should be crafted with professionals in the field of software development in mind.

  • Language

Submitted articles should be composed in English, devoid of grammatical errors, and formatted correctly.

  • Originality

All content must showcase original ideas, and any references to external materials must be properly cited. Plagiarism will lead to suspension.

  • Length

Article submissions are required to have a minimum of 550 to 800 words.

  • Images

All images must either be owned by you or used with explicit permission from the copyright owner. Ensure that images are compressed to 75 KB or lower (JPEG/JPG recommended). Please note that there is a cumulative 5MB limit for the total image file size.

How to Submit?

If you’re eager to impart your knowledge to our readers, kindly submit your article in a Word document or share a Google Docs link with us at [weeklymonster12@gmail.com]. Our dedicated editorial team will diligently review your submission and respond within [1-2] days with valuable feedback or approval for publication.

What Will be Rejected?

Plagiarism is defined as copying someone else’s words or ideas and presenting them as your own. If you require additional clarification on plagiarism, refer to this guide available in our Writers Zone. Various free online tools are accessible to check your work for plagiarism. Following one warning, your account will face suspension.

Don’t Write About

  • Gambling
  • Narcotics
  • And any other spam just to get backlinks to your site
  • CBD
  • Porn

What Will Lead to Delays?

  • Syndicated Content:

Articles that are syndicated may experience delays, as original content is prioritized.

  • Missing Images or Alt Text:

The absence of images or alternative text can slow down the publishing process.

  • Grammar and Spelling Mistakes:

Numerous grammar and spelling errors may lead to delays in the review and editing process.

  • Illegible Content:

If an article is largely illegible, it may face rejection instead of publication.

  • Missing Code or Incorrect Formatting:

Articles lacking proper code presentation, with code not placed in code blocks or snippets, can result in delays.

Thank you for your valuable contribution to WeeklyMonster! Should you have any inquiries regarding articles, content, or submission rules, feel free to reach out to us via email at Weeklymonster12@gmail.com

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